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The Antioch Papers: Choosing History – Antioch College's Coretta Scott King Center (CSKC)

Choosing History – Antioch College's Coretta Scott King Center (CSKC)

The four items in this document are a partial overview of some of the historical choices made in the creation of Antioch College’s Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom. Currently Antioch University plans to close the College and CSKC on June 30, 2008. It appears that the agreement between Mrs. King and Antioch College is structured in such a way that CSKC cannot live without the College, a mutual linkage designed in part by Mrs. King.

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It is hoped that readers of these documents will question their role, agency, and choice in Antioch University’s “plan to suspend operations of the entire college [and CSKC] indefinitely.” The University has told governmental agencies this indefinite suspension is being made “with the hope” the College can be reopened in the future. As evidenced by the life work of Mr. Rustin and Mrs. King, history is not made solely by hope, but by choice. If we are to keep Mrs. King’s desired legacy alive in Ohio and American higher education, then Antioch University must be held accountable, new choices need to be made, and an alternative history written.

The 2001 film Boycott, dramatizes the first face-to-face meeting between Coretta Scott King and civil rights leader Bayard Rustin. During their meeting Mrs. King tells Mr. Rustin how his speech at Antioch College impacted her life.

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“We believe it was the intent of Coretta Scott King that her name be gifted to Antioch College to honor the experience she had as an Antioch College student and the spirit of cultural and intellectual freedom. Therefore, the existence of Antioch College as an entity is inherent to the life and legacy of the CSKC.”
Dr. Dana Murray Patterson – CSKC Director