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  • 10108_notice_1.pdf [186.04units_k], Documents


  • 1970_trusteeship_antiochnotes_rauh.pdf [223.20units_k], Documents

    <txp:thumbnail id="26" />Morton A. Rauh, Vice-President Emeritus, literally wrote the book on trusteeship. In this issue of Antioch Notes, he suggests ways in which a college or university board can expand participation in decision-making.

  • 2001AdHoc.pdf [1.30units_m], Documents

  • 3_28_08.pdf [516.78units_k], Documents

    This March 28 email from Antioch College Professor Robert Devine and March 21 letter from Antioch University Chancellor Toni Murdock provides a "teachable moment" on the topic of risk and well-being.

  • AAUPto_AntiochUniv_weboptimized.pdf [114.94units_k], Documents

    Aug. 7 - The American Association of University Professors responds to request for advice and assistance by Antioch College Faculty.

  • aaup_9_17_07.pdf [1.63units_m], Documents

    AAUP Letter to Murdock, Zucker, and Block

  • aaup_antioch_03_08.pdf [322.79units_k], Documents

    AAUP Letters to Antioch University - March 14, 2008 and March 4, 2008

  • ABD.pdf [4.14units_m], Documents

    Antioch Budgets For Dummies

  • AC3_bio.pdf [199.59units_k], Documents

    ACCC Biographies - Background information on the ACCC.

  • ACCC_Issues_Schedules.pdf [980.16units_k], Documents

    Antioch College Continuation Corporation - Issues and Schedules related to endowment, trust, and annuity agreements as well as other key issues - November 19, 2009

  • Accreditation_Conversations.pdf [1.34units_m], Documents

    Accreditation Conversations - Antioch University Chancellor Toni Murdock's recollection of discussions with the North Central Association and the Ohio Board of Regents.

  • ACC_Statements_Report.pdf [94.75units_k], Documents

    Antioch College Corporation - Consolidated Financial Statements - June 30, 2010 - with Independent Auditors’ Report -

  • ac_cskc.pdf [2.42units_m], Documents

  • AC_Dir_Comm_Compare.pdf [185.02units_k], Documents

    This document compares the job description of "Director - Communications - Alumni" posted by the University of Louisville on December 21, 2009 with the "Director of College Communications" posted by Antioch College on January 27, 2010.

  • AC_Faculty_Students.pdf [320.29units_k], Documents

    Antioch Faculty Count and Student Enrollment 1997 - 2007

  • AC_Shutdown_09_19_08.pdf [1.16units_m], Documents


  • Agenda8-25SHMtg.pdf [55.94units_k], Documents

    Agenda for closed "invited stakeholder" meeting August 25, 2007 at the Cincinnati Holiday Inn, Airport.

  • ag_Appendix_A.pdf [360.04units_k], Documents

    Appendix A Failure to Inform Donors/Alumni

  • ag_Appendix_B.pdf [84.21units_k], Documents

    Appendix B - Board Size

  • ag_Appendix_F.pdf [236.67units_k], Documents

    Appendix F - Memo, Re: McGregor Bond

  • ag_PT_SoF.pdf [244.40units_k], Documents

    PETITION TO ENFORCE Come now Otha Davenport and the concerned citizens of Greene County, Ohio STATEMENT OF FACTS Introduction Otha Davenport, Concerned Citizens of Green County, et. al., (Petitioners, or the petitioners) allege that the Antioch University Board of Trustees violated their fiduciary duties of care, compliance, loyalty and the duty to maintain accounts imposed under Ohio Revised Code

  • AHCRRBAS.pdf [1.30units_m], Documents

    2001 Ad Hoc Committee Report and Related Board Action Summary

  • aif_final.pdf [467.46units_k], Documents

    The Antioch Independence Fund's 2003 Final Report, "Passing the Torch" illuminates the deep structural problems affecting Antioch University/College.

  • AIF_fundraise.pdf [1.65units_m], Documents

    Letters between an Antioch College alum and former Antioch College President Bob Devine regarding an Antioch Independence Fund (AIF) fund raising appeal

  • AntiCon_final.pdf [314.41units_k], Documents

    Antioch Confidential

  • antioch lawsuit dismissal 11.13.07.pdf [272.15units_k], Documents

    Letter from Bailey Cavalieri LLC, the law firm representing the Antioch Faculty. In which, the faculty have dismissed, without prejudice, their pending case. Also, they lay out specific expectations which, if not met, will prompt further legal action against Antioch University.

  • antioch_university_bond_statement.pdf [44.37units_m], Documents

    The Bond that paid for McGregor Campus West

  • anti_dupont.pdf [101.96units_k], Documents

    Antioch College's DC Alumni wrote this "Open Letter to the Higher Education Community" that was delivered to a phalanx of national higher education associations located at 1 Dupont Circle in Washington DC.

  • anti_injuct.pdf [3.67units_m], Documents

    The Antioch College Faculty's "Complaint for Specific Performance and Preliminary and Permanent Injunctive Relief."

  • anti_kaplan.pdf [1.03units_m], Documents

    Cruising at an altitude of 25,000 feet towards a 2002 Antioch University Board of Trustee meeting, Chairman-elect Dan Kaplan has an in flight epiphany - the Board lacks information that would help them to steer the institution and the Executive Committee has possibly usurped the functions of the full Board. Kaplan reports that the Board has not been given information it needs to make "strategic, macro decisions," a startling admission given the fact the Board has just terminated the College's Strategic Plan based on the advice of an allegedly small secretive committee of the Board (see article "Antioch Confidential").

  • APA_request.pdf [64.74units_k], Documents

    The Antioch Papers request for a full copy of the Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) between Antioch University and the Antioch College Continuation Corporation (ACCC) entered into on June 30, 2009.

  • ap_press_full_final.pdf [292.45units_k], Documents

    Press kit and initial letters of communication between Antioch University's law firm and The Antioch Papers.

  • AU_Exhibit_1.pdf [543.81units_k], Documents

    Petitioner's [Antioch University's] Exhibit 1 regarding institutional funds - Greene County Probate Court - 2009/10

  • AU_Implementation.pdf [2.36units_m], Documents

    Antioch University's Draft College Suspension Implementation Plan

  • bigdonors.pdf [1.04units_m], Documents

    The program of the McGregor School's Invitation-Only Open House. Recognizing donors by name and gift amount.

  • big_chiller.pdf [1.09units_m], Documents

    Big Chiller - Antioch University is threatening to take legal action against the Village of Yellow Springs.

  • BOT_ULC_communication_and_responsibilities.pdf [471.86units_k], Documents

    Oct. 26 - An essay by University Chancellor Toni Murdock that establishes a framework for discussing the Board's operational style, communications patterns, and governance structure, including protocols for trustee/faculty interaction. Her bibliography makes no reference to Mort Rauh's 1969 book.

  • Budget_June_07_project_propose_capital_part_1.pdf [903.67units_k], Documents

    June 7-9 - Includes the 2006-07 end of year projections, 2007-08 proposed budgets, and fiscal year 2008-12 capital budgets. 1 of 3

  • Budget_June_07_project_propose_capital_part_2.pdf [806.08units_k], Documents

    June 7-9 - Includes the 2006-07 end of year projections, 2007-08 proposed budgets, and fiscal year 2008-12 capital budgets. 2 of 3

  • Budget_June_07_project_propose_capital_part_3.pdf [531.70units_k], Documents

    June 7-9 - Includes the 2006-07 end of year projections, 2007-08 proposed budgets, and fiscal year 2008-12 capital budgets. 3 of 3

  • Bylaws_AU_06.pdf [2.67units_m], Documents

    Bylaws of Antioch University Revised 6/3/06

  • cco_11_09_07.pdf [192.36units_k], Documents

    November 9 - A letter from Interim Antioch College President Andrzej Bloch to College Faculty about the likely termination of their employment.

  • CG_Goes_To_New_York_2001.pdf [7.51units_m], Documents

    November 7, 2001 - Members of Community Government Heard at Board of Trustees Executive Committee Meeting

  • ChurchV6_12_Exhibits_Antioch.pdf [344.77units_k], Documents

    Antioch College-related FBI COINTELPRO files released to the "Church Committee" in 1975.

  • close-college_scenario_1_2.pdf [334.33units_k], Documents

    May 31 - The future status of the College will be announced as either Scenario I (Permanent Closure) or Scenario II (Suspend Operations for 3 Years)

  • close_college_scenario_financials.pdf [528.55units_k], Documents

    May 31 - Financial projections based on 3 assumptions, #1 being the Board declares that financial exigency exists at the College at the June BOT meeting

  • Cmty_Meeting_NS_03_10_09.mp3 [6.82units_m], Documents

    Nonstop Community Meeting - March 10, 2009. This Nonstop community meeting took place immediately following the Antioch College Alumni Association's March 5-7 board meeting.

  • conflict of interest policy.pdf [9.53units_m], Documents

    Antioch University Conflicts of Interest Policy for Trustees and Officers

  • Craiglow_7May2003.pdf [90.95units_k], Documents

    Questions Regarding the Unusual Structure of the University

  • DBR_au.pdf [865.82units_k], Documents

    On November 4, 2007, the Antioch University Board of Trustees amended their University Commitment Acceptance Policies by adding the Donor Bill of Rights.

  • degree+days_1.xls [29.00units_k], Documents

    Otha Energy Estimate

  • degree_days.pdf [12.27units_k], Documents

    Otha Energy Estimate

  • denman_1979.pdf [2.85units_m], Documents


  • Depreciation_22Feb1999.pdf [35.73units_k], Documents

    The Viable College and the Sisyphean Nightmare

  • Exe_Cmte_Oct01.pdf [1.05units_m], Documents

    Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Antioch Board of Trustees October 1,2001, at Avon, CT

  • F017_F001.pdf [4.41units_m], Documents

    Drain The Pipes

  • Faculty_Letter_March_06.pdf [279.69units_k], Documents

    Faculty Ballot - March 2006

  • Fiduciary_Duties.pdf [5.53units_m], Documents

    Fiduciary Duties - Antioch University's legal reasoning for rejecting the ACCC's $14.5 million gift.

  • Final_Proposal_8_8_4.pdf [3.16units_m], Documents

    Final Proposal - The ACCC proposal that was accepted and then rejected by Antioch University.

  • finance committee minutes_23May_2001.pdf [1.05units_m], Documents

    May 23, 2001 Conference Call minutes of BOT Finance Committee

  • financial_planning_discussion_data.pdf [2.51units_m], Documents

    May 31 - A framework for discussing the past history of the College and the University's future planning assumptions through 2014.

  • Fin_Cmte_MayJune_01.pdf [424.16units_k], Documents

    Antioch University Finance Committee Minutes May 31 and June 1,2001

  • fl_001.pdf [44.05units_k], Documents

    "Letter from the Ohio Historical Society to Antioch University," Glenn Harper, Manager of Preservation Services for the Ohio Historical Society, June 4, 2008,

  • fl_002.pdf [62.82units_k], Documents

    "National Weather Service - High and Low Daily Temperatures," February 12, 2009

  • fl_003.pdf [173.78units_k], Documents

    "Minutes - Miami Township Trustees," Miami Township, Greene County, Ohio, January 5, 2009

  • fl_004.pdf [223.86units_k], Documents

    "Transcript of 1/05/09 Miami Township Trustees Meeting"

  • fl_zero2fifty.pdf [182.11units_k], Documents

    ZERO TO FIFTY -- The Flooding of Antioch College

  • Grant_Resolution.pdf [699.21units_k], Documents

    Grant Resolution - A donor's decision to withhold funds from Antioch University based on leadership changes and/or institutional performance.

  • gs_004.pdf [115.71units_k], Documents

    May Day 2008 letter from Senator Sherrod Brown to Art Zucker.

  • hijacked_email.pdf [53.47units_k], Documents

    An example of the automated response sent out by Alumni Office staff email accounts during the labor day weekend, after they had been sent home early and had the office locks forcibly changed on them.

  • homecoming2007_report_to_BOT.pdf [5.12units_m], Documents

    Report to the Board of Trustees, 2006-07 Year-End Financial Statements, 2007-08 First-Quarter Performance Dated October 25-27, 2007

  • Invest_Cmte_01.pdf [460.56units_k], Documents

    Antioch University Board Of Trustees Investment Committee Minutes June 1,2001

  • June01ClosedBotMin.pdf [1.47units_m], Documents

    Antioch University Board of Trustees Annual Meeting Closed Session Minutes May 30 - June 2,2001 Keene, New Hampshire

  • June01_Briefing.pdf [469.50units_k], Documents

    Briefing Memorandum Antioch University Board of Trustees June 2,2001

  • knowyourBOT.pdf [3.75units_m], Documents

    KYBOT is your resource guide for getting to know the voting members of the 2007/08 Antioch University Board of Trustees.

  • McDonald_25Sept2001.pdf [41.64units_k], Documents

    what is expected of Boards in higher education

  • McG_Voice_1.pdf [689.43units_k], Documents

    The first issue of The McGregor VOICE

  • misc_00.pdf [116.42units_k], Documents

    Financial Statement June 30, 1966

  • nca_2002.pdf [3.18units_m], Documents

    NCA 2002 REPORT OF A COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION VISIT Antioch University Yellow Springs, Ohio October 14-16,2002 FOR The Higher Learning Commission A A Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

  • nca_2006.pdf [1.67units_m], Documents

    North Central Association Focused Visit - Antioch University - April 2006

  • nca_self_assessmentCollege.pdf [2.42units_m], Documents

    Summer 2002 - A 124-page self-study created by Antioch College for the 2002 National North Central Association (NCA) Re-accreditation Visit.

  • nca_self_assessmentUniversity.pdf [878.23units_k], Documents

    August 2002 - A 146-page self-study created by Antioch University for the 2002 National North Central Association (NCA) Re-accreditation Visit.

  • Ohio Bond.pdf [661.81units_k], Documents

    Ohio Bond

  • Present_Tense.pdf [16.35units_m], Documents

    Present Tense - Antioch Video Software 1965-1981

  • probate_06.pdf [1.10units_m], Documents

    In The Court of Common Pleas - Greene County, Ohio - Probate Division Antioch University vs Antioch College Continuation Corporation Case No. 10427 MLS Decision and Entry for Release of Restriction on Use of Institutional Funds August 12, 2009

  • RC_Final_June_04.pdf [3.23units_m], Documents

    Renewal Commission Final Report Antioch College Renewal Commission Final Report to the Board of Trustees June 2004 3.4 mb

  • rtr_017b.pdf [5.54units_m], Documents

    Steve Lawry - Headhunter letter

  • rtr_017c.pdf [4.66units_m], Documents

    Steve Lawry - Resume

  • rtr_056.pdf [3.75units_m], Documents

    Report & Recommendations from the Blue Book Commission - February 2008

  • rtr_077.pdf [871.00units_k], Documents

    The Campus Presidents January 2008 Document in ULC / Campus Presidents and Antioch College

  • rtr_094.pdf [8.00units_m], Documents

    BOT Regular Meeting - OPEN and CLOSED Minutes - Feb 06

  • rtr_114.pdf [4.22units_m], Documents

    Antioch University Communications Plan

  • rtr_130c.pdf [1.50units_m], Documents

    Draft Emeritus Policy

  • rtr_145_excerpt.pdf [342.82units_k], Documents

    March 2008 Finance Committee Meeting - Excerpt

  • rtr_167.pdf [388.29units_k], Documents

    Committee Roster 2007-08 BOT

  • rtr_229.pdf [1.07units_m], Documents

    Antioch University McGregor - A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep. (Disney)

  • rtr_249.pdf [52.68units_k], Documents

    Campus Presidents April 2008 Document in ULC / Campus Presidents and Antioch College

  • rtr_250.pdf [110.93units_k], Documents

    Antioch LA Captive Meeting Letter in ULC / Campus Presidents and Antioch College

  • rtr_259.pdf [1.33units_m], Documents

    Fiduciary Duties - legal doc in ULC / Campus Presidents and Antioch College

  • rtr_263.pdf [360.28units_k], Documents

    RESOLUTION - 6.7.08:25

  • rtr_AU_Board_List.pdf [1.58units_m], Documents

    AU Board List

  • rtr_lgl_014.pdf [1.69units_m], Documents

    Governing Structure for Antioch University by Tom Ingram

  • rtr_lgl_095.pdf [3.61units_m], Documents

    Trusteeship Committee Minutes - Feb 1 and Feb 3, 2006

  • rtr_lgl_105a.pdf [4.14units_m], Documents

    Campus Development Reports ending April 30, 2007

  • rtr_lgl_111f.pdf [1.93units_m], Documents

    Antioch College Institutional Advancement - Oct 06 to Dec 06

  • rtr_lgl_111h.pdf [1.23units_m], Documents

    Executive Committee Minutes - bond

  • rtr_lgl_111i.pdf [3.87units_m], Documents

    Executive Committee Minutes - renewal/NCA/Finance

  • rtr_lgl_136.pdf [5.84units_m], Documents

    BOT Regular Meeting - OPEN and CLOSED Minutes - Nov 06

  • rtr_lgl_161e.pdf [1.29units_m], Documents

    Finance Committee - Many points - "drastic action is needed"

  • rtr_lgl_179.pdf [4.86units_m], Documents

    Audit Report 2006

  • rtr_lgl_195.pdf [3.98units_m], Documents

    By Laws Antioch University - Revised 6/3/06

  • rtr_lgl_196.pdf [4.89units_m], Documents

    Lawry's Vision for Antioch College

  • rtr_lgl_209.pdf [6.40units_m], Documents

    Audit Statements - 2006 and 2007

  • rtr_lgl_216.pdf [2.81units_m], Documents

    Antioch University Trustees Academic Affairs Committee August 26, 2006

  • rtr_lgl_237.pdf [5.20units_m], Documents

    Executive Committee Meeting

  • rtr_lgl_238.pdf [4.76units_m], Documents

    Executive Committee Meeting

  • rtr_lgl_246.pdf [5.91units_m], Documents

    Institutional Research Report Oct 7 2007

  • rtr_lgl_257.pdf [954.68units_k], Documents

    Executive Committee Meeting April 27, 2007

  • rtr_lgl_258.pdf [5.66units_m], Documents

    BOT Regular Meeting Minutes - Open and Closed

  • rtr_lgl_259.pdf [5.75units_m], Documents

    Fiduciary Duties - Porter-Wright

  • rtr_lgl_267.pdf [1.41units_m], Documents

    BOT Regular Meeting Minutes - Open - Oct 2004

  • Sattem_Nov06.pdf [114.28units_k], Documents

    Antioch College - Campus-Wide Email - Linda Lee Sattem, Ph.D., PCC/S November 2, 2006

  • Stanley_Summary.pdf [215.29units_k], Documents

    The Stanley Report assessing the college's structures in terms of what to rennovate and what to bulldoze.

  • steveSchwerner_stakeholders_meeting_Aug2007.mp3 [4.70units_m], Documents

    Steve Schwerner tells it like it is. ex. Schwerner's Hard and Fast Economic Law: "If it is an asset, it belongs to the University; if it is a liability, it belongs to the College."

  • Strike Interviews.pdf [7.20units_m], Documents

    Interviews conducted by Kirsten Ervin as part of her "Spirit of '73", 1991 Senior Project. With: Phyllis Williams, Joyce Clayborn, Al Denman, Connie Gahagan, Virginia Garrett, Bill Houston, Jewell Graham, Kenneth Olson, Connie Pelekoudas, Nina Myatt, and John Ronsheim.

  • The Future Antioch University.pdf [2.38units_m], Documents

    A Power Point presentation titled "The Future of Antioch University", given by Antioch University Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Laurien Alexandre at the February 22, 2008 Board of Trustees meeting in Los Angeles.

  • ue_767.pdf [320.24units_k], Documents

    A statement of solidarity with UE Local 767 and "Non-Stop Antioch", and a call for corporate accountability at Antioch University made by the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America.

  • UE_Truth_Justice.pdf [733.93units_k], Documents

    A Vote of Truth and Justice - Local UE 767

  • YS pro-AC3 resolution.pdf [66.97units_k], Documents

    A Resolution Expressing the Interest of the Village of Yellow Springs in the Supporting the Efforts of Antioch University and the Antioch College Continuation Corporation in Continuing Antioch College as a accredited 4-year educational institution

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